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Basic application overview

Tech tool store is an IT professional application which contains more than 500 free technician tools packed in a simple, fully featured interface.

It allows to configure, update, organize, and run the desired tools with just a few clicks. And if it doesn't have the tool you want, you can add it to the list in a few seconds. Other features include professional HTML reports and support for uninstalling the installable tools.


Install and uninstall

Tech Tool Store does not require any installation, it is fully portable.

Basically you download TechToolStore.exe and move it to your toolkit's mass storage device. This can be a pen drive, SD or micro SD card, external hard disk drive, network drive (NAS), or whatever storage device you may use.

The device should have 8GB or more free space and must have READ/WRITE access. If you intend to use the built-in WSUS update tool, you will probably need more free space.

Tech tool store will create a folder named Tech tool store tools, in its current directory. This folder will hold all the application's data, including databases, downloaded tools, reports, saved selections and settings.

To permanently remove Tech Tools Store, just delete its executable and the Tech tool store tools folder.


Technical requirements

Tech Tool Store is very small and light. It uses a very small amount of memory and CPU cycles. Also TTS works on every Windows version since Windows XP.

The TTS executable (about 3 MB) already contains both 32 and 64 bits files, and will use the correct one, according to the current OS arch. This way you don't need to worry about selecting a different file for a different Windows architecture.



The tools are not hosted by us, nor are they packed in the application's executable. They are downloaded from the internet during runtime, and per user request. Usually the tools are downloaded from the Author's website, but they may also be downloaded from other websites. In order to save bandwidth, the tools are only downloaded if they haven't already been, or are not up to date.

Tech Tool Store does not make any permanent changes to the Windows registry or file system. Any changes you may notice after using Tech Tool Store were probably made by one of the third party tools.

We disclaim any responsibility for any damage caused by the third party tools, whether they are built-in tools or added by you. By using Tech Tool Store, you declare to be aware of the above, and assume all responsibility for whatever the tools may do.


Getting started

Once you download and run Tech Toll Store for the first time, it will display its interface, like in the screenshot below.

You can start by having a look at the built-in tools. Given the large number of tools available, you will probably never use some of them. You can hide those from the list. Hidden tools can be restored later.

You may also find out that you will use some of tools very often. Those can be moved to the My favorit tools group, which is placed at the top of the list, for quicker access. This is done by using the list's context menu.

Then you can start downloading your tools, so they are ready to run on your customers computers.

If you need a tool and it is not listed, you can create it yourself. This is a very simple and fast process. More info here.



Tech Tool Store screenshot


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