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Thank you for considering to buy a UVK user license!

You can chose from several license types: The Branding license, the PRO license, and the OEM license. You can also join our reseller program and get a batch of OEM licenses in one single purchase, at a a very low fee (starting at USD $6 per license)

All license types give you access to the locked UVK features. For a complete list of those features, see the table below. The branding license and the technician OEM license also let you fully brand the application with your logo and company name. OEM licenses are much cheaper because they only work in one computer. CloudSync is not needed for regular OEM licenses, so it is disabled.

If you wish to test the application before purchasing, you can get a 14-day TRIAL license which will work as a PRO license for the trial period.  Also interested in Tech Tool Store? Save $30 by purchasing the UVK and TTS bundle instead!

  UVK feature name





Logo branding

Check Check Check Check

Company name branding

Check Check Check Check

Links to your website

Check Check Check Not included

Full application branding

Check Not included Not included Not included


Check Check No, in the case of the regular OEM license Yes, in the case of the technician OEM license Not included

Remove uninstall remnants

Included Included Included Not Included

Fix errors (System booster)

Included Included Included Not Included

Immunize all users

Included Included Included Not Included

Running protection password

Included Included Yes No

File information context menu

Yes Yes Yes No

Send reports by email or FTP

Yes Yes Yes No

All other UVK features

Yes Yes Yes Yes


$70 USD

$50 USD

$15-$25 USD


Please read below before continuing

Buy now Buy PRO Buy OEM More info

You already have a PRO license and want to upgrade to a Branding license?


Upgrade price: $25 USD.


Do you want to join our reseller program?

Click the button below to purchase a batch of regular OEM licenses. Each license can be activated in one computer. Cloud sync is disabled in these licenses.

Buy regular OEM license batch

Click the button below to purchase a batch of technician OEM licenses. Each license can be activated in one computer. These licenses can be branded and Cloud sync is enabled.

Buy technician license batch

Prices range from 6 to 15 US dollars


Very important information:

UVK licenses never expire and cover all future updates (except for the TRIAL license, obviously).

If you already own a PRO or Branding license, you are entitled to purchase Technician OEM licenses at low price. Unlike regular OEM licenses, Tech OEM licenses let you use cloudsync, and also brand the application (if you own a branding license). Computer technicians can resell OEM licenses to their customers for a higher fee.

If you have already purchased your license and it was accidentally deleted, click here to recover it.

If you have questions or other issues concerning your license, visit our FAQ.

Each UVK license is issued to one single user/company, and can only be used by that user/company.

However, because UVK is a technician tool, PRO and branding licenses may be used in more than one computer, but they can not be offered/sold to a different user or company. Each user should buy their own PRO or Branding license here.

The application files are not modified when you activate a license, they remain unchanged. The license file just enables the locked features (and the branding). All non locked features are fully functional anyways.


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