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DiskCopy overview

DiskCopy is a user friendly disk/partition cloning tool. It's ideal for both migration to a faster storage device and data backup.

DiskCopy has really cool features such as:

  • MBR to GPT and GPT to MBR. You can chose the partition style of the target disk, it does not need to be the same as the source disk's.
  • Always bootable. The target disk can be made bootable even if the source disk is not booting up.
  • Partition selection. Copy only the partitions you select.
  • Single partition cloning. Clone one partition directly to another, and optionally make it bootable.

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Current version: Change log

DiskCopy is in Beta version. Please report any bugs you find to us, using our contact form. Thank you!

Please read the End User License Agreement for our software before using this program.

If you like this program and want to support its future development, you can donate by clicking the button below. Thanks in advance. Any amount is appreciated.




Copy a disk

To copy a disk, start by selecting the desired source disk in the top left list (see picture above). To help you identify the desired disk, this list shows some details about the storage devices listed.

Once you select a disk, the corrsponding partition information is displayed in the top right list. This may also help you confirm that the selected disk is really the one you want to copy. If you do not want to copy all the partitions, uncheck the ones you want to skip

Then select the desired target disk, in the bottom left list, and optionally the desired partition stye (GPT or MBR). If you do not change the partition style, DiskCopy will use the same style as the source disk.

At this point you can set the desird partition layout for the target disk. Select one of the target partitions in the bottom right list and use the sliders to change the selected partition's offset and size. You can also enter the desired values in the text input boxes to the right of the sliders, but keep in mind that the partitions can not be smaller than the size of the data to copy. If you don't want to change the partition layout, leave these controls untouched.

If you want to copy all the data, including System restore points, which are located in the System Volume Information folder, uncheck Do not copy system restore points.

If you make a mistake, or if you want to select a different source disk, just press the Start over button.

When you're all set, press Start disk copy, and the confirm by pressing Yes.

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Copy a partition

  If you just want to copy the data from one partition into another, switch to the Partition copy tab.

This feature is quite startight forward. Just select the source partition in the left list, and then the target partition in the right list

Partition copy

Then, if you want to delete all the data in the target drive before starting the copy operation, tick the corresponding checkbox, near the bottom.

If the target partition lies in a MBR disk, you will also be able to make it bootable, by ticking the Make the destination partition bootable checkbox.

If you want to copy all the data, including System restore points, which are located in the System Volume Information folder, uncheck Do not copy system restore points.

Press the Reload the lists button whenever you want DiskCopy to re-create the partition list, such as when you add a new disk to your system.

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Copy progress

 While DiskCopy is copying a disk or partition, it displays a dialog box telling you the progress details of the whole operation. This includes a list showing all the actions taken so far and their corresponding results.

Copy progress

Below that list, the dialog box shows the current partition copy percent (while copying data) and also the estimated time remaining.

At the bottom of the dialog box, you see two interactive elements:

Tick Shutdown after copying if you want the system to be shut down once the whole copy operation completes.

Press the Cancel button whenever you want to cancel he whole copy operation.

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The About tab

 This tab displays information about the current DiskCopy version.


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