UVK scripting commands - ->ClickWindowPos()

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->ClickWindowPos( xPos , yPos , winIndex , Button , Clicks )


Simmulate a mouse click at the specified position within a window.


xPos - The horizontal position to click, in client area coordinates.
yPos - The vertical position to click, in client area coordinates.
winIndex (optional) - The index of the window the control belongs to. Default is the last ->WaitWindow() window.
Button (optional) - The mouse button to click: left, right, middle, main, primary, menu, secondary. Default is main.
Clicks (optional) - The number of times to click the mouse. Default is 1. Use 2 to perform a double click.


Optional parameters do not need to be specified.
This function must be called after at least one call to ->WaitWindow(), otherwise it will fail.
main and primary are always the main button, even if the mouse buttons have been swapped in the control panel.


;Open notepad, wait half a second and right-click at 100x100
->ClickWindowPos(100, 100, 1, menu)


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