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DiskCopy is an intuitive disk/partition cloning tool.

It has several unique features such as cloning an MBR disk to a GPT one, or cloning a non bootable disk into a bootable one.


The latest DiskCopy version is




Change log

Version beta (2024-02-17)

Bug fixes.

Version beta (2023-04-08)

Fixed bug: DiskCopy was not opening on 32-bit Windows.

Other bug fixes.

Version beta (2023-03-08)

Fixed several bugs in the partition resizing feature of the Utilities tab.

Fixed a bug showing one minute time left when copying a disk or a disk/partition.

Other bug fixes.

Version beta (2023-01-30)

Fixed: Make disk bootale was not working for MBR disks (Utilities tab).

Other bug fixes. 

Version beta (2023-01-01)

Bug fixes. 

Version beta (2022-12-29)

Bug fixes. 

Version beta (2022-12-17)

Bug fixes. 

Version beta (2022-12-15)

Added a ne tab called Utilities, which features full support for disk/partition management: Erase/Initialize disk, Convert partition style, Advanced disk options, Disk information,  Delete partition, Create partition, Format partition, Resize partition, Set label, letter and paths, Advanced partition options, Scan and repair, Optimize, Make partition bootable, Partition information

Bug fixes.

Version beta (2022-10-06)

First publicly available release



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