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Overview of Tech Tool Store's Command line support

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You can use this feature to automate updating tools, running tools or both. The selection of the tools to update/run must be previously configured. Learn how to load/save selections here.

To get started, just select the desired tools in the list. Once ready, press the menu button, or right-click the list, and then select Load/Save selection. Name your selection (i.e.TTS selection), press Save new, and you're ready to automate it through command line switches.

To automatically update all the tools in a saved selection named TTS selection, use the following command:

TechToolStore.exe /Update: "TTS selection"

Using the command above, Tech Tool Store will automatically update the selected tools and then stay idle. If you want it to automatically close itself after updating the tools, append /AutoClose, as shown in the command below:

TechToolStore.exe /Update: "TTS selection" /AutoClose

To run the selected tools instead, replace the /Update: switch with /Run:. To update and run the tools, use /UpdateRun: instead. Note that all three commands end up with a colon and there is a white space between the command and the name of the selection. Also note that you should always surround the selection name with double quotes, in case it contains any white spaces itself.

If TTS's auto-update feature is enabled, it will automatically self-update if a new version is available. This does not affect the way the command line switches are parsed, but the main process may be restarted if it does update itself. If this causes you any constraint, you can append a new switch, /NoUpdate, which will prevent the application from auto-updating, like so:

TechToolStore.exe /UpdateRun: "TTS selection" /AutoClose /NoUpdate

In order to run TTS with command line switches, create a batch file or a shortcut in the directory where TechToolStore.exe is.

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Command line reference

Currently, Tech Tool Store supports the following command line switches:

TechToolStore.exe /Update: "selection name" [ /AutoClose ] [ /NoUpdate ]

TechToolStore.exe /Run: "selection name" [ /AutoClose ] [ /NoUpdate ]

TechToolStore.exe /UpdateRun: "selection name" [ /AutoClose ] [ /NoUpdate ]

TechToolStore.exe /NoUpdate

/Update: - Update all the selected tools. This switch must be followed by a space and the "selection name" switch.

/Run: - Run all the selected tools. This switch must be followed by a space and the "selection name" switch.

/UpdateRun: - Update and run all the selected tools. This switch must be followed by a space and the "selection name" switch.

"selection name" (required) - Specifies the name of the selection to load before. We recommend that you enclose the selection name in double quotes.

/Autoclose (optional) - Specifies that Tech Tool Store should close after completing the operation.

/NoUpdate (optional)- Specifies that Tech Tool Store should not automatically self update at startup, even if that option is enabled. This switch can also be used alone, to launch TTS with auto-update disabled.

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