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DeviceRescue is a highly featured replacement for the Windows Device manager app.

It has many unique features such as one-click hardware ID googling, bulk device install/uninstall/reinstall/disable/enable/restart, one-click removal of all hidden devices and easy driver backup and restore.


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Change log

Version (stable) (2023-07-11)

Added a context menu to the device list itself. Right clicking any item in the list displays this new menu containing the following options for the hilighted item: Update device driver, Enable/Disable device, Uninstall device, Uninstall and delete driver, Reinstall device, Restart device, Scan for hardware changes, Device properties and Google name and hardware ID..

Cde improvements, bug fixes.

Version (stable) (2023-04-27)

Fixed: Googling the hardware ID was not working properly due to the URL characters not being escaped.

Other bug fixes.

Version beta (2023-04-19)

Added a new option to the Select menu: Check all physical devices.

Bug fixes.

Version beta (2023-04-09)

First publicly available release



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